Message from Founder John Moreno-Escobar

Hello all,

I hope your year has gone off to a great start and continues to gain momentum. For me it seems 2016 has started with many changes, new challenges and critical decisions. One of them being my decision to close the Colombian Education Fund. With a heavy heart I wanted to inform you that by January 31, 2016 - The Colombian Education Fund will cease to exist. During these three years I have had the opportunity to meet and work alongside a wonderful team and most importantly I am very proud to say, we were able to impact more than 80 students.

Deciding to close the organization was not an easy decision to make. Unfortunately it became clear to me that the responsibilities, duties, communication, programming and all relevant work that the foundation required, relied on me and I simply cannot handle this alone. Changes in my personal life in unison with my other foundation and the increase of travel will also impair my ability to give this project the dedication it needs.

Fundraising exclusively in the Colombian community has been a great challenge, and in order to grow this fund to a self-sustaining stage it became evident that a larger demographic was the best way to continue doing what I love.

In this effort I also wanted to invite you to join me in helping all Latino students in NYC with my other foundation LYHEP (Latino Youth for Higher Education Program). LYHEP will carry on the scholarship program but not the annual leadership program.

Needless to say, if you do not want to receive information about their work please let me know and you will be removed from the mailing list.

If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly via email at
Please do not forget to request your donation letter, email us if that’s your case.
With warm regards,
John Moreno-Escobar


Special Thanks to:

Jenn Saavedra
Adriana Aristizabal
Elsa Gladis Cifuentes
Maria Carolina Luna
Sebastian Ramirez
Claudia Ramirez
Helen Bohorquez
Claudia Quigua
Gladis Norena
Natalia Salazar
Diana Caicedo
Diana Jimenez
Carlos Macias
Natalia Salazar
Luisa Sanchez
Juanita Santos
Aileen Hernandez
Gustavo Barbosa
Charles Barrios
Giovanna Romero
Marisol Carrere
Luis German Gomez
Marcela Hurtado
Elkin Arredondo
Maria del Pilar Garcia
Juliana Fajardo
Jay Hershenson
Lissec Medrano
Liliana Gil
Enrique Arbelaez
Eder Holguin
Maria Hass
Lina Delgado
Kimberly Rodriguez
Sabrina Pestel

and everyone else that supported this cause in the last 3 years!

contact us at:


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